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American Bully Strength Club is a personal training club in Delran, NJ which specializes in personalized workout programs and meal plans for Adults and Student Athletes

...who want to to tap into their TRUE potential so they can build physical strength, mental grit, and unwavering confidence.

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When you enroll in our program, you'll:

  • Be challenged for your current fitness level
  • Improve overall health, boost daily performance, increase lean muscle, maximize mental + physical strength and put your metabolism in overdrive 24/7/365
  • Get fast, sustainable results no matter how much time you can dedicate to working out
  • Improve recovery time and minimize the risk of injury



Each program is designed and scaled for the individual. This means you'll get a program best-suited for your personal goal.


Our nutrition and supplement help are customized to our members' personal goals, so that they receive the fastest results possible without starving themselves.


We do understand how easy it is for life and hectic schedules to throw people off track. We know consistency is the key to success and we'll be there every step of the way.


Build. Strong. People.

From the ground up.

This is our mantra. What we live by.

When you get welcomed into the Bully Family, you'll become the strongest, healthiest, and most confident version of yourself.

Our Personalized Training Sessions and Nutrition/Supplement Guidance will plug you into a community that wants nothing more than to see you change your life.

If you're looking for a:

  • Quick fix
  • Fad diet program
  • $9 gym that doesn't care whether or not you show up
  • Or cookie-cutter training class that leaves you feeling "smashed up" and worse than when you walked in

You won't find them here.

If you're ready to:

  • Invest in yourself or your child
  • Openly accept the challenge each session to grow physically and mentally
  • Build friendships that last a lifetime in the process

...then it sounds like this is the place for you.

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"The Club" started in a 10' x 18' home garage...literally.

In the winter of 2020, New Jersey was hit with a statewide lockdown, closing gyms and fitness centers for an indefinite amount of time.

This left people stuck, frustrated and unfortunately allowed them to slip back on old habits.

They were clearly becoming physically and mentally unhealthy.

Having been a strength and conditioning coach since 2003 -- and owning a private facility for nearly 10 years in Ocean County -- new Delran resident Coach Christopher Lopez sprung into action.

He converted his tiny home garage into a strength and conditioning club and started to train his neighbors and their kids on Sunday mornings.

Now we train in a fully-equipped 2500 sq. ft. facility.

What was once small "garage gym" among neighbors has now become a movement

...and we're ready for you or your child to become the newest addition.



We're located at 4037 Rt. 130 South, Delran, NJ 08075 -- INSIDE New Jersey Martial Arts (NJMA), which is in the Dollar Tree Shopping Center -- around the rear of retail/commercial building, lower level.

Follow the LEFT side of the parking lot around the back of the building.

NJMA is the only door on the lower level.

Contact Us:

Coach Christopher Lopez
(856) 577-2974

The Fitness Room

Our cutting-edge Fitness Room is equipped with:

  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Sandbags
  • Suspension Trainers
  • Pull Up Rings
  • Climbing Rope
  • Medicine Balls
  • Stability Balls
  • Bands
  • Fan Bike
  • Treadmill
  • Sleds
  • Tires
  • Hurdles

The Weight Room

Our old-school style Weight Room is equipped with:

  • 4 Power Racks
  • Bars and Plates
  • 4 Benches
  • Dumbbells up to 150 lbs
  • Dip Station
  • Pull Up Rings
  • Bands


"My two boys have been training with Chris at American Bully for almost a year now, and I've seen vast improvements in their strength, speed and mobility. They really enjoy hanging out with their workout partners and pushing each other to improve. Coach Chris fosters a competitive spirit in the kids, 'tricking' them into having fun as they work hard, all while teaching them the fundamentals and proper techniques of lifting that will hopefully serve them well as they get older. They always enjoy going to their training, which (almost) makes it easy to forgive Chris's horrific taste in football teams."

-Kevin George, Wrestling Dad

"Christopher Lopez just wanted to thank you for this program and what you are doing for the youth in this town. Chase has been working with you just about six months and you can see not just see a difference in his fitness level but in his confidence! From a kid who would miss practice to play video games to looking forward to his workouts…. Thank you!"

-Tracy Fuoco, Hockey Mom

"I still do not know what force of nature gets me up and out the door at 5am to work out here but this has been the best work out of my life. I have tried personal training in the past, working out solo, but something about this hits different. My body has been through so much the past couple of years and I am so grateful for this gym and Chris the coach. I’ve never challenged myself more than I am right now and excited to keep going!"

-Dana Dewedoff-Carney

"Coach Chris has been working with my boys, ages 13 and 10, for about 7 months now. Each session they are excited to share what they’ve been working on and have shown improvements in their strength, coordination, and agility, which helps them make gains with their sports (soccer, baseball, and basketball). Chris makes it fun for young athletes, while teaching them proper technique and focusing on safety. My boys have inspired me to start working with Coach Chris myself in his adult sessions. He’s great at focusing on individual goals and makes 5:30 am training bearable!"

-Sara Trombly, Soccer/Baseball Mom

My son has been training with Chris since October. I recently came across a photo of him before he started. To say he’s had gains is an understatement! He’s filled out and has muscle! He enjoys training, and is even focusing more on his nutrition. Training with Chris has given Jake confidence, and the drive to continue with fitness!

-Erica Poinsett

"I have been training with Chris Lopez for almost 4 months now and really enjoy working with him. He motivates me to work out, even at 5:30am! He’s very personable and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fitness. My training sessions are challenging but rewarding. I definitely feel stronger and more fit. I highly recommend him!"

-Kathy Dotter

"Both my sons go to Coach Chris, they really love it! Coach is great with them & individualizes their workouts to what exactly they want to work on. My oldest son started only being able to do just a few pushups now he’s up to 25.....definitely building muscle & making progress! Thanks, Coach, for all your help & patience!"

-Stacy Sabarese, Lacrosse/Hockey Mom

"My 11yr old son has been training with Chris for a few months now and it has been a great experience! He looks forward to every session. The workouts and even running is something I never thought he would enjoy, but he does so much that he does them even on his off training days. The confidence in himself he has gained in the last few months both mentally and physically has been great to see!"

-Nicole Warn, Baseball Mom

“You're crazy not to give Chris at least 30 days of your life. The progress you will make is life altering and addicting. It's easy to sign up for any gym, but you'll never get the level of detail, guidance, support, motivation enhancement, tailored training, and most importantly tangible results that you'll get with him. His availability and friendship are unrivaled-his dedication to you, selfless. Furthermore the support and comradery exceeds any I've experienced in the past.”

-Darren Trautwein

"When my son Justin began training with Chris the original goal was to improve balance, endurance and stamina. At such a young age I was not interested in size and mass. He laid out a program that gave my son just what was needed to build that endurance and stamina. Fast forward 18 months my son is properly trained, understands his body and the training programs provided. Justin gained 45-50lbs.  

Chris is well qualified to teach and train anyone to be the best that they WANT be. I know I made the right decision for my son. I recommend the program to every person who want to listen to him….AND YOU SHOULD…he produces results!"

-Lou Martin-Culet, Football/Wrestling Dad

"When our son Sean became part of Christopher Lopez's program four years ago he immediately knew this training was going to bring him to another level of physical fitness. Chris's personality and vision is one that is compatible with the wrestling mindset of achieving at a high level. He has a comprehensive knowledge of how to build strength and character. We are grateful that our son has had the opportunity to train under Chris's supervision."

-Patricia Leahey, Wrestling Mom

"With all my sports injuries over the years, Chris has me doing things in 6 weeks that I haven't been able to do for over 25 years. With a total knee replacement on one side, no medial meniscus on the other, and then all the broken bones and torn ligaments, I can honestly say I am more flexible & stronger now more than ever.”

-Greg Small

“Wrestling demands athletes to be in top shape both mentally and physically. Training with Christopher Lopez, both of my sons received both. His innovative techniques and equipment kept my son’s interest and pushed them to levels they probably didn’t realize could be reached. His motivating tactics kept them going back for more. Many times after a match that required overtime, the boys would clearly say that if it wasn’t for Chris it could have gone either way. The environment and coaching style he has created is like no other.”

-Rita Bohringer, Wrestling Mom

“As a former High School and College Athlete, I have trained with many different strength and conditioning coaches. In all those years I've never experienced the kind of results I gained from just 8 weeks working with Chris Lopez. After 4 weeks of training I was 15 pounds lighter and doing exercises I didn’t think were still possible. After eight weeks I could bench 225 pounds 12 times and could squat and dead lift 225 for reps. I could actually lift more weight for more reps than I could in college!”

-Nick Lombardi

“I felt STRONG coming here. Couldn't have done it without you. You're creating monsters.”

-Brian Hamann, NC State Wrestling

“Chris helped me improve my PT test by 40 pts since last October! 244 out of 300 possible pts. 60 pushups, 54 situps and 2 mile run in 17:22. Not bad for 46 year old! Thanks again for everything!”

-Major Sean Combs, U.S. Army National Guard

“Thanks for coming to the wrestling match yesterday to show support for your boys! You are awesome with them. You continue to help them build not only their strength but their confidence too. I can only speak for my boys in saying that I'm grateful that you are an important part of their lives.”

-Terri Bollard, Wrestling Mom

“Having been a competitive athlete and continuing to train and workout since, I was in very good condition but ever since the workouts with Chris, I have never been in better condition since my competitive days. My swim stroke count has increased; my 500 time has dropped 7 seconds. My core, upper and lower body strength has increased tremendously.”

-Rick Felicelli

“I have been a long distance runner for the last 8 yrs. Prior to last year I began to loose some of my speed. When I started with Chris I was really skeptical of his way of thinking & training. In literally two weeks, I lost 10 minutes off my finish time. It happened that fast! Not only did he change my way of training, but also my way of thinking. After 6 weeks of training, I have been maintaining an average 15 minutes less in my finish time!”

-Donna Small

“Everyone wants the best for their kids. We are always searching for ways to help them to grow up healthy and strong. Now, after training with Coach Chris, our son has gained so much more than muscle. He's gained the guidance he needs to achieve his goal, as well as a training program that is safe and fun for his age. The format of the sessions ensure that every kid gets the most out of every workout. His strength and agility has helped him to excel on the Lacrosse, and Football fields. Great coaches help build great athletes, and great character...and that's exactly what we found with Chris.”

-Dawn DeRosa, Lacrosse Mom

“There's no way I would've got on the State Podium without those spring and summer workouts!!”

-TJ Liquori, Wrestling

“Love it! I feel like a different person, stronger, healthier and more fit.”

-Dawn Leidenheimer

"My sons Jay and Kyle are wrestlers and I was looking to bring their performance and physicality to the next level. Chris Lopez exudes passion, knowledge and the ability to help athletes achieve their goals. Each work out is challenging, creative and places high value on correct form. Jay and Kyle have been encouraged to push past perceived limits to get results and have become stronger both physically and mentally. Chris is a great mentor and my boys look forward to each and every workout. His coaching style is the perfect example of tough love!"

-Ann Marie Epperly, Wrestling Mom

"Our son, Matt, has trained with Chris for over 4 years and we are extremely pleased with the level of physical and mental conditioning he has experienced. Not only do the workouts engage all parts of the body, but Chris's personalized attention and instruction also teaches athletes how to properly use their body/mind and train for optimal performance on and off the field. Matt is motivated to attend his sessions because the results are so evident to him and those around him! In addition, Chris is a great role model and mentor, who athletes respect and admire."

-Kim Pickus, Baseball Mom

"I love it! Chris is awesome! This is exactly the place for anyone wanting to get back into shape (or stay in shape ) but doesn't like going to a huge gym! Walking in for my first session I knew it wasn't gonna be easy...but it was great! I was hooked after that!"

-Randi Carroll

"My son loves the training with Chris. By going religiously 3 times a week, he has improved his endurance and stamina! He's also lost weight and gained strength."

-Carolyn Zeh, Baseball Mom

"Training with Chris has not only helped with my overall strength gains, but has changed the way I train all together. The methods used have shown me that weight training is more than just about lifting heavy. With a combination of bodybuilding, functional training, and powerlifting, I was able to transform myself into a bigger, stronger, and more aesthetic person than I could ever be training with anyone else."

-Joe VanMorter, United States Air Force

"I have come farther both physically and mentally in one year with Chris than a lifetime of failed quick fixes and diet plans. I have learned that lifting weights and building strength is empowering while improving my confidence, lowering my cholesterol, and losing over 20 pounds and many inches. Finding people who are interested in seeing you succeed are hard to come by. Chris is genuine and top-notch!"

-Lisa Trent

“There is no question the physical effects of training with Christopher Lopez has helped my son Alec tremendously in wrestling, but to me it is the extra mile Chris goes for his athletes that separates him from the rest. It is very common to see Chris show up at an event to support his athletes. On a personal level Chris took the time to talk to Alec about things outside of training which really helped him. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to everyone. When it came time to choose a trainer for my youngest son Cael, it was an easy one, since we saw the amazing results first hand with my older son. We would not go any place else."

-Jim Huxford, Wrestling Dad and Coach

"I am beyond happy I found Chris! I have never worked out this way ever and I was addicted instantly! The change is my life is incredible and I am so thankful! Chris has changed my life! He challenges me to do things that I never thought possible!"

-Stephanie Hebron

"My son Braedon, has been training with Chris for 3 months in preparation for baseball season. I can’t begin to express how amazing the results have been. He feels stronger and healthier, his confidence has increased greatly and he loves to workout. As a trainer, Chris is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He is easy going, has a friendly personality and creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for training. Chris makes each workout challenging, both mentally and physically while making it fun! If you're serious about giving your child that competitive edge, Chris will lead them every step of the way."

-Steven Kukan, Baseball Dad

"Myself, my husband, and my sister all started training with Chris. We really never thought we would love it so much! It's given me determination, confidence that I didn't know I had in myself. I want to give a huge shout out to him for being the great trainer he is. Thank you!"

-Jessie Roberts

"My son Torin started training with Chris about 1 year ago. He has shown so much improvement in that 1 year. He has become a faster and stronger football player. Torin went form bring in last place when they did laps to up in the front of the pack and he's gotten stronger on the line. Chris is a great motivator and Torin loves going every week. Once my 7 year old is old enough I will definitely be signing him up."

-Michelle Campbell, Football Mom

“I've never considered myself an athlete so I was intimidated at first. Chris quickly put me at ease by saying, "If you're committed, I'm committed." After only a few weeks I began to see results. I lost noticeable inches everywhere, and I'm physically stronger than I've ever been. I'm flipping tires, swinging sledge hammers, doing pullups and lifting weights. With 1-on-1 attention I've learned the correct way to exercise to maximize my results. Truly a great workout experience. I'm never bored! Thanks Chris!!”

-Christine Flanagan

"Training with Chris has been a great resource for both of my boys! They have grown tremendously, both physically and mentally, while training for football and baseball. I’m confident that his programs will continue to be an amazing resource for our family. Much thanks to Coach Christopher Lopez!"

-Dennis O'Keefe, Football/Baseball Dad

“You changed my life and gave me a new confidence with the not only the way I played basketball, but how far I could push myself to do better. Training with you allowed me to set higher expectations for myself.”

-Trevon Gross Jr, University of Virginia Basketball

"Before training with Chris, I was bored with standard gyms and lacked the motivation to go on a regular basis. I started with him underweight and not mentally dialed-in. I thought I was just in for your everyday workout. I was wrong. He put together a program along with a meal plan that has got me in the best shape of my life at 43 years old. He has literally changed my life."

-Eric Fischer

“Just took a kickboxing class. Thanks to your awesome strength training sessions I was stronger and got more out of my workout. They only had 5 pound weights left which equals baby stuff to me now!”

-Jaime Bennett

"I've been training under Chris' guidance for 4 months and have lost over 20lbs. But the real impact has been finding a coach who cares, increasing my strength and mental focus, and pushing myself farther than before. The scale doesn't tell the entire story. He has built a lifestyle you can be part of no matter your goals or starting point. If you want to put yourself on a new path forward and are tired of the same old lack of results, he's your guy."

-Seth Tomlinson

“Before his training programs I was working out regularly but not getting the results I wanted so he coached me on my nutrition, training technique, and schedule. The impact was almost immediate. In the first 3 months, I dropped 10 pounds and 6 inches around my midsection. The key to Chris' success as a Coach is that he trains me with his program, but can adjust the workout in real time based on my performance that specific day.”

-Alex Stanton

"Chris is a amazing coach. He really cares about his clients and takes the time to talk or answer any questions you have. He's always positive even when your not. Highly recommend him if you're looking to get in shape."

-Danny Ray Haas Jr.

"I can't say enough about Christopher Lopez. I've lost over 50 lbs. in a little less than 5 months since I started working with him. He lays out the perfect blueprint, all you have to do is follow it. He's always there when I have questions, a pat on the back for success followed by an immediate shove forward always striving to bring out your best."

-Gerald Barnet

“Before training with Coach Chris, I was a basic athlete who had potential in football, but never really made a huge impact. I found out about him from someone on my team so I gave it a try. Not even a month in, I felt so much stronger and more athletic. I was only 210 pounds but my coach put me at right tackle because I was stronger and faster than the people I played against. Coach Chris completely changed my game.”

-Mike McKenzie, Football

"Great strength coach and motivator! Got me off my 40-year-old butt and got quick results after trying multiple other programs."

-Dustin Rogers

"My son Jon found out about Chris through friends at school. He quickly got him ready for his sophomore year of football. Better yet, he's never taken an interest in exercise until training with Chris. Now he's got his dad hooked. Great coach, great program. So glad we found you."

-Bracken Gardner, Football Dad

“My son Nick has trained with Christopher Lopez for 2 years and he has gotten much stronger and gained plenty of muscle mass. Chris has a great atmosphere for student athletes. I would recommend his coaching to anyone who is serious about getting stronger.”

-Joe Tomasiello, Wrestling Dad

"I have been training for 3 weeks so far and I feel the difference. I never thought I would be able to flip a truck tire but I did it. I can't wait to see how my body changes over the next few months. If you have a doubt about this place, come in and see for yourself!" 

-Kim Fazekus

"Chris is an absolute beast! EXTREMELY knowledgeable and more than willing to offer advice, tips and suggestions. I've only worked with Chris for 6 weeks, but it's been amazing. I've lost fat, gained muscle and more self confidence. HIGHLY recommend working with Chris and look forward to the future!"

-Michael Hawkes

“I have gained strength, learned proper techniques, and about really pushing myself to the limits.”

-John Fiore, Soccer

"Great coach, knows his stuff and gives active feedback every step of the way. You don't just go to Chris and get individual guidance, you become part of a group, and that can make all the difference some days!"

-James Caran

"Nothing but love and respect for Coach Chris. Genuine and really cares about everyone becoming their own best. His focus is mind and body with a no excuses, beast mentality which is what a lot of us for have let the craziness of life suck out of us. Highly recommend him!"

-George Loaiza

“Training with Chris has helped Ricky build up his self confidence. He has been working out twice a week and I have witnessed gains in Strength, Agility, Bat Speed, and Pitching Velocity.”

-Rick Aviles, Baseball Dad


Christopher Lopez is a husband, and dad of 2 beautiful girls, who has changed his own life through strength & conditioning and exercising positive daily habits.  

Coach Lopez has been training clients since 2003 across New Jersey and New York City.

He owned and operated the Strength Pit facility from 2012 to 2019 in Jackson, NJ before moving his family to Delran and starting the private American Bully Strength Club in his home garage.

Through his facilities and online presence, he has helped guide men, women, and athletes of all ages become the strongest version of themselves.

His training resume includes:

  • Adults of all fitness levels who want to drop body fat, get stronger, and build lean athletic muscle
  • High school and middle school athletes who went on to become State Champion and State Place-holding Wrestlers, members of State Champion football teams, Division I basketball players, and amateur & professional athletes
  • State, National, and World Record holding powerlifters with WNPF